Chinese Food in Peru


Passing a Chinese restaurant near the Plaza de Armas in Puno, I was instantly reminded of the Chinese restaurant I went to in Jerusalem last year – the only Chinese restaurant in Jerusalem, I was told. It had menorahs as part of the décor, reminded us every five seconds that the place wasn’t kosher, played music by Michael Jackson and Adele, and freaked out when we tried to take pictures of the menu.

I immediately knew I needed to try this place in front of me that proudly proclaimed itself as Peruvian Chinese food. So the next day for lunch, I dragged my mother and sister up the red carpeted steps to the second floor dining room.


The restaurant wasn’t nearly as crazy as its Israeli cousin (really, what place ever could be?), but the food was way better.

We ordered an appetizer of wantons, and it seems that the standard with wantons here is that they come with a tiny pocket of beef. Not was we were expecting, but very good, especially with the sauce that came with it, something that tasted somewhat familiar but which I can’t remember having before. It was sort of…fruity?

S’s meal was the most disappointing, some sort of vague vegetable thing that wasn’t particularly memorable. Mom’s fried rice was standard, except for the fact that it might have had guinea pig. We’re not entirely sure. But it tasted great.

The favorite, though, was my “pollo con frutas” dish, which had chucks of cooked chicken along with bite sized pieces of peaches, pineapples, candied cherries, and red, green, and yellow bell peppers, all smothered in some sort of sweet and sour sauce. I’ve never seen anything quite like it in the States, which makes sense given that I’m fairly sure most – if not all – of the produce was local. Everything was certainly very fresh.

Overall, the décor was tasteful, and the waiter was clearly Peruvian and not Chinese, but I liked this restaurant, and my quest to sample Chinese food all over the world will continue!


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